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Messaging and Online Accounts

Please feel free to contact me with any medium you prefer. Introduce yourself when you do so in order to prevent coming across as spam.

Message me through :email, :matrix, or :LinkedIn. If you have contact with me through some other platform, that is also fine! Find out what I’m reading at :LibraryThing.


The easiest way to contact me is through email. My personal email is louis [at] birla.io. If you want to send me an email securely, you can use my pgp key.If this one is out of date or unavailable, let me know and I will update it.

I may change mailservers in the future, if that affects you.


While I still prefer professional communication through email, LinkedIn works as well.


You can find me on Matrix at the address @louisbirla:matrix.org. I don’t have a client opened, but will check the application occasionally. This is entirely because I do not have anybody to talk to with Matrix.


Adding me as a friend or finding me important on LibraryThing is a good way to spy on what I am reading, recomend books, and many more features I do not know about!

I used to use Goodreads for this, as well as Inventaire, but found LibraryThing’s feature set much better. I specifically chose it because of the recommendation system, but there are countless beautiful features.



I am on Mastodon as @louisbirla@indieweb.social.


My account is louisbirla.


If you want to donate to me for some reason, please do so through liberapay. It

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