Louis Birla

What Haiku have you composed?

While I enjoy composing them, my Haiku are not the crux of my productive effort. As they are tiny in size, they may be put on display with less difficulty than essays or books.


Here you will find a few of my haiku, a definition I take lightly—emotional short-form poetry. Throughout the evolution of this website I have been more and less selective about what I include; so I may remove those I find distateful and you may archive those you do not.

The trees dance to the singing wind,
but I hear the cicada-
familiar sound.
Louis Birla, A Lesson Happily Learned
The Moon can see my room,
casting shadows on the ceiling.
Indoor scenery
Louis Birla, A Painting from Nature, 16 July 2021

The two above haiku are to be taken together; they occupy the same emotion to me. It might not be clear at all, but the first one takes place at night as well.

Gazing at the stars,
my right hand can hold them all.
I am excited.
Louis Birla, In the palm of my hand..., 6 November 2022
In a sky of gray clouds
I can still see the stars that
I keep in my hand
Louis Birla, When they are connected, 21 February 2023

The two above haiku are also to be taken together, with quite a bit of meaning packed inside. I won’t tell.

Park bench.
Bird sings futile song
for my ears alone.
Louis Birla, A Romantic Affair, 6 February 2023

The above haiku isn’t to be taken as a social criticism, it’s just an observation I found funny while sitting on A&M’s Military Walk.

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